Top-rated Comedic Conjuror & Birthday Party Magician

A Full-time Professional Performer of Magic, trained in Theater, Comedy and Improvisation, will make your birthday celebration a truly memorable occasion for family and friends, with a performance that features impressive Magic Tricks and Illusions, plenty of Humor, and lots of Audience Participation!

One of the best local Magicians, he is an experienced Birthday Party Entertainer, bringing magical performances to Chicago and ALL of Illinois Suburbs for 25+ years.

This year, make birthday wishes come true, give the gift of Magic and guarantee a genuinely Happy Birthday!

Birthday Party Magic Shows

Entertainment FUN for ALL different ages.


Performing energetic and interactive magic shows, fun for the entire family! Whether it's a first birthday celebration, a sweet 16, or an 80th birth date anniversary, this is guaranteed to amuse and amaze!


All of the kids help the Magician make the magic happen in this entertaining and captivating performance jam-packed with lots of colorful, interactive magic tricks, loads of laughs and birthday wishes!


This high-energy, action-packed birthday bash magic show is filled with fun Magic and Comedy and is guaranteed to get all of the party guests involved and laughing from start to finish!


The magician involves all of your invited party guests, friends and family, in this dynamic, fun-filled performance featuring great acts of magic, comedy fun, and mind-blowing mind-reading!


A fast-paced magic show with comedy, lots of audience interaction, amazing magic tricks, mind reading and surprising stunts, designed to ensure your teen party guests are fully entertained!


An interactive performance of mind-boggling magical illusions and comedic conjuring includes skilled sleight of hand, clever psychological deception, and comedy mentalism and mind-reading!

Birthday Performances Include:

Different Magic Tricks Depending on the Age of Audience

Marvelous Magic

entertainment with many magnificent magical moments!

Full Group Participation

ensures the entire audience gets in on the fun!

Side-splitting Comedy

guarantees laughs for all!

Birthday Celebrant Helps Magician Make Magic

The Birthday Boy or Girl (or Teen or Adult) will get many opportunities to help with the most important magic tricks. Brothers and/or Sisters (or Cousins) will also be invited to get involved in act!

Included Fantastic Feats:

All of the following Magic Acts are included in Birthday Party entertainment


The party guests will roar with laughter and grin 'til it hurts. Claira can accurately guess the age of the birthday boy or girl, and everything else the audience is thinking!


A card is chosen by the "guest of honor" and shuffled back into the pack. The magician displays his home-made card-catcher. The birthday celebrant is asked to toss the cards toward the magician. As the cards cascade down, the magician plunges the card-catcher into the shower of cards. The chosen card is caught in the card-catcher!


The Birthday Child receives a special present from the Magician. A custom balloon animal that can do tricks... not Magic Tricks like a magician, but Dog Tricks, like a dog. It can "sit up", it can "roll over", etc. And a very funny surprise ending that will have everyone laughing and clapping!


An assistant from the audience picks out a favorite crime fighter. The magician magically changes into this favorite crime fighter!


An adult is “volunteered” to help the magician with this silly visual illusion!


Someone from the audience (any age) is dressed as a magician, then does some wonderfully goofy magic!


The magician draws a picture that magically comes to life and is given to the birthday child as a magical keepsake!


The Birthday Child is given the opportunity to perform the FLOATING IN AIR! This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will remember for years to come!
*Certain weight limitations apply.

Other available Tricks and Illusions

vary depending on the Age of the Audience.


A great way to get the show started! The magician collects a small admission fee from each audience member, pulling half dollar coins from the ears of each party guest! Kids love it!


A spectacular visual illusion that's fun for all ages! Look closely at the spinning disc and watch space bend as the magician's head SHRINKS right before your very eyes!


The magician brings out a peculiar-looking cutting instrument. Explaining that he is going to test the courage of one of his spectators, he asks for the help of a brave volunteer!

Additional Birthday Party Entertainment Services

Include one or more of these additional services for a truly special birthday celebration

Balloon Sculpting

After the magic show, the magician makes each guest a colorful balloon sculpture of their choice. From Amazing Animals to Humorous Hats and Splashy Accessories, each guest will receive a special balloon sculpture of their choice.

Face Painting & Tattoos

Either before the show, as family and friends arrive, or after the show, the birthday party guests select a colorful design that the magician will paint on their cheek or arm. Face Painting will make your party guests look and feel special!

Appearing Goldfish Giveaway

During the show, the magician magically produces a small goldfish (or other small fish of your choice) that is given to the birthday boy or girl as a special gift.* *Please have a fish bowl to transfer the fish to after the show.

Teach A Trick

After the magic show, the magician teaches a magic trick that the guests* get to keep as a souvenir! They'll have fun fooling their friends and family. You'll be amazed at what they'll learn to do! *Recommended for ages 6 & Up.

Birthday Party Venues

Top Places to host a Birthday Party Magic Show in and around Chicago


The most popular location for a Chicago area birthday party celebration is in the home. While the magician can perform in almost any room, the most common setting for an in-home performance is the living room or family room. All the magician needs is a wall (or fireplace, or TV) behind him and room for the children to sit on the floor. Adults can sit behind the kids, on chairs, couches, or even stand in the back of the room.


Other great Chicago area venues in which to host your event include restaurants, private party rooms, banquet halls, park district facilities or community centers. Whatever the party spot, all the magician requires is a wall behind him (to ensure that no one is sitting behind him). It is best to have the kids seated up front, on the floor, or in chairs (not at tables). Adults can sit in chairs, behind the children or stand in the back of the room.


If your goal is to ensure the best possible entertainment experience for your child's birthday, then consider bringing the children indoors for the magic show portion of the party. While the great outdoors is a great place for kids to run around and play, it is typically NOT the greatest place to have them sit and watch a magic show. Kids are easily distracted by anything from bees and other insects, to airplanes, to sun shining in their eyes. However, the magician can perform outdoors. To make an outdoor show the best that it can be, please have a shaded area large enough for the performer and audience, preferably with a hard surface for the magician to set up on, and a wall or fence behind him. Set up blankets or cushions on the ground for the children to sit on. Announce that the swimming pool, swing set, trampoline, bouncy house, etc., will be off limits during the magic show. And most importantly, have a plan B, to move the show inside in case of sudden rain.

Tips & Tricks to Make Your Birthday Party Magic Show a Success!

The following are recommendations, gleaned from years of experience, that will help make your child's birthday magic show the best possible.

Choose a performance space

The best space for a birthday magic show is a usually a living room or family room. The magician can perform in front of the TV or fireplace. It is best to have the kids seated up front, on the floor (not on the sides or behind the magician).

Eliminate distractions from performance area

Children are easily distracted. With this in mind, please keep the performance area free of all possible distractions for the duration of the magic show.


Any toys that cannot be removed from the performance area can be cover with sheets. Collect all hand-held toys (weapons, vehicles, electronic devices, magic wands, etc.) from children for the duration of the magic show. In addition to being distracting, the kids will need their hands free to participate.


In addition to being a major distraction, messy hands and sticky finger will prevent kids from being able to help the magician during the show.


Keep pets in a separate room during the magic show, as they can be distracting.


Noise makers are great for New Year's Eve, but not for birthday party magic shows.

Allow time for late arrivals

Starting the magic show at least 30 minutes after the birthday party begins allows plenty of time for all guests to arrive. Or, you can also have the show at the end of the party.

Making Birthdays Magical

in Chicagoland and ALL Suburbs

Entertaining Everyone in Chicago & Illinois Area

Performing Birthday Party Magic Shows at celebrations throughout Chicago and the surrounding Illinois area. Entertaining family & friends from the City of Chicago (in Cook county) to the Suburbs of Chicago (in the counties of DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry & Will). Making special occasions more Magical throughout the entire north-eastern Illinois region, from the shores of Lake Michigan to the far reaches of the greater Chicago metropolitan area.