Chicago Close-Up Magician

Enchanting Close-up Magician for Private Parties, Public Events

If you need a professional entertainer who performs "up close and personal" magical entertainment, then the Close-up Magic of Fabjance is the perfect choice. This party entertainment service, also known as Strolling Magic, Mingle Magic or Table Magic, is one in which the magician performs magic up close to the audience.

Fabjance is a experienced party performer who provides Close-up Magic for local Chicago area events. With over three decades of experience as a Magician, and a background in Theater and Comedy Improvisation, think of him a combination of Penn & Teller, Jim Carrey and Steve Martin.

He is a talented performer whose performances are a blend of Warmth, Humor and Amazing Magic. His skilled sleight of hand, interactive card tricks, baffling magic with borrowed objects, mind-boggling mentalism and other seemingly impossible feats, will have your guests laughing and amazed!

Close-up Conjuring Entertainment Options

offer a variety of ways to Add Magic to Your Event.


Providing Strolling Magic for large events (of 60 or more guests). The magician walks around, mixing and mingling with your guests, performing intimate 5-10 minute micro magic shows, for a few people at a time. The perfect choice for public and private events including receptions, holiday parties, cocktail parties, hospitality suites, corporate events, etc.


Performing Table to Table Magic for large events (of 60 or more guests). Before or after a meal, the magician moves from table to table, where guests are seated, performing a 5-10 minute mini magic show at each table. The perfect choice for corporate events and private parties, including banquets, receptions, holiday parties, corporate events, etc.


An intimate Magic performance for smaller groups (of 50 or fewer guests), the magician sets up a small table and guests sit in chairs, up close, in front of the magician, who conjures a 30-45 minute magic show for the entire group. The perfect choice for private parties and corporate events including house parties, family gatherings, holiday parties, etc.

All Close-up Magical Performances Contain:

Amazing Magic

performed right before your very Eyes!

Astonishing Mind-Reading

to Mystify and Delight your Guests!

Fun and Entertaining Interaction

with your party guests direct involvement, Everyone gets in on the Fun!

Witty and Delightful Humor

creating a Fun and Festive party atmosphere!

Mind-Boggling Magic and Mind-Reading Performed Up Close:

Skilled Sleight-of-hand with a Dash of Comedy and Lots of Audience Involvement


An interactive exercise in comedy mentalism that is as amazing as it is funny! The magician asks a party guest to shuffle an "invisible", imaginary deck of playing cards! The guest is then asked to "pick any card" from this invisible deck, memorize it, and then return the card, face-down, into the face-up deck. So now, the guest's chosen card will be the only one going the wrong way in the imaginary deck of cards. Now for the magic, the deck of cards turns from invisible to visible. The magician asks the guest to name out loud the card they chose. The now visible deck is spread out to reveal one face-down card in the face-up deck. When the card is turned over, it is the guest’s freely selected card!


The magician borrows a finger ring from a party guest and places it in his closed fist. The magician then asks the guest to hold his fist with his/her hands. When the magician's hand is opened, their ring has vanished! The magician explains that the guest shouldn't worry . . . last time this happened, he found the ring out in his car. The magician reaches around to his back pocket and bring out his car keys. Clipped to his key case, amongst all of his keys, is the guest's ring!


A $100 bill and is borrowed from a party guest. The magician proceeds to use a pencil to pierce a hole in the center of the bill. Everyone gasps (especially the bill's owner) at what happens next... the magician rips the pencil through the bill. Everyone clearly sees the pencil rip through it. And they can hear the sound of paper ripping! Yet, somehow the bill is left completely unharmed! The magician offer to repeat the effect, this time the pencil mysteriously melts through the bill in slow motion. It looks unbelievable! The bill is then returned to it's owner, unharmed!


A classic of close up conjuring with a modern twist. A miniature tennis ball is placed beneath a cup, it disappears, reappears, shows up in the magician’s pocket, back under the cup . . . and finally turns into a full-sized tennis ball, which appears under the cup! It is quickly followed by a SECOND full-sized tennis ball!


An amazingly beautiful close-up illusion! A length of thread is broken into numerous short pieces. The pieces are rolled into a tight little ball. When the ball is unraveled, the thread is magically restored into one piece!


An amazing (and amusing) mind-reading effect performed up close, and very personal! The magician hands a party guest a cube and a small box. On each of the cube's six sides is a different color. While the magician’s back is turned, the guest selects one color, and places the cube into the box. The lid is placed onto the box so that no one can see the cube or the selected color. After administering a brief and humorous personality test, the magician is able to accurately discern the selected color!

Other Optional Acts of Close-up Wizardry

that vary depending on the circumstances of the event audience.


Warning: This card trick may be hazardous to your health. A card chosen by a party guest is lost in the deck. After the guest then tosses the entire deck of cards into the air, the magician catches the their card in the trap!


"Oh where, oh where has the little dog gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?" A party guest receives a special gift, a custom balloon dog. The dog performs "tricks" that will have your guests "burst" out laughing and applauding!


An OUTLANDISH miniature illusion! A party guest's hand is visibly removed from the end of his arm!

Secrets to Successful Close-up Magic Performance

Close-up Magic's greatest strength is it's versatility. While a close-up performance does not require a stage, special lighting or sound system, some consideration should be given to performance conditions to ensure it's success at your event.

Music, Music, Music or "Can You Hear Me Now!"

While LIGHT background music is fine, magical entertainment should not be planned for the same time as a live band or DJ will be playing LOUD music. Your magician will have difficulty interacting with guests if he cannot be heard.

Don’t Turn Out the Lights

Close-up Magic cannot be performed in darkness, or near darkness: lit only with random flashing lights, or the flame of the Tiki torch.

Timing is Everything

While the atmosphere is relaxed and the focus is on people interacting and chatting, the time is right for Close-up Magic entertainment.

Guest Arrival & Cocktail Hour

Typically, a client will schedule a magician to perform early on in the event, as guests arrive. In this way, your magician can help welcome your guests and ensure that they start having fun right away. If a cocktail hour is planned as a part of your event, this is typically when the Close-up Magic will take place.

Meal Service & Magic DO NOT MIX

Magical entertainment of any kind should not be scheduled during a meal. Allow your guests to enjoy their food. Do Not make your entertainer compete for your guest’s attention with the meal service.

Everybody Dance Now?

At the point in a party when the music gets turned up LOUD and people start dancing is not the best time to have your magician performing. It is usually the time for your close up magician to make his leave.

Bringing Close-up Conjuring to a Venue Near You

throughout Chicago, IL and the greater metropolitan area

Serving Chicago, Illinois and All surrounding Suburbs

Venues for Close-up Magic entertainment include Chicago-area restaurants and hotels, banquet halls, private party rooms and suburban community centers, country clubs or private homes in neighborhoods throughout the entire north-eastern Illinois region. Interactive Close-up Magic is suitable for almost all conceivable events both public and private including; dinners, receptions, parties, fairs and festivals throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan region. Wherever people gather, either formally or informally, your Chicago Magician can be found sharing some magic, up close and personal.