Chicago Magic Shows

Chicago magic shows performed by Fabjance the magician!

Magician and Comedy Improvisor Amazes Audiences and Keeps Them Laughing!

Fabjance (pronounced FAB-jans) is a Chicago magician who utilizes his unique background in Magic, Theater, and Imporv Comedy to create a Fun & Interactive Comedy Magic Show that ENTERTAINS and AMAZES audiences both young and old!

Fabjance performs live magic shows which combine Chicago-style improvisational comedy with his own unique take on some classics of magic and mentalism, and some new immersive illusions that you have never seen before. Fun, interactive, and astonishing, are a few words to describe his performances which are custom-tailored to the age-range, occasion, venue, and size of the audience.

Whether it's an intimate performance for a small group of family, friends and colleagues, or a full production on the main stage before an audience of hundreds, Fabjance's performance, featuring both illusions and close-up magic, is sure to WOW your guest and have them Laughing Out Loud!

With Different Magic Tricks Depending on the Age-Range of the audience

Chicago Magician, Fabjance, brings smiles and laughter to children and adults at a family magic show!

All LIVE Magic Shows in Chicago are Jam-packed with:

Awesome Magic

All performances are filled with impressive conjuring, from skilled sleight of hand and impossible visual illusion that trick the eyes, to unbelievable mentalism and psychological stunts that boggle the mind!

Interactive Entertainment

Every show includes plenty of audience interaction that gives family, friends and colleagues the opportunity to get involved in the act, and join in on the fun!

Hilarious Comedy

From beginning to end, each performance contains a series of amusing scenes, involving comical circumstances and absurd situations, combined with entertaining acts, including ridiculous routines and humorous surprises, that keeps everyone laughing and having fun!

Now Showing:

All live performances contain Visual Illusions, Skillful Sleight-of-hand Magic, Impressive Mind-reading and Lots of Fun Audience Participation!

Chicago Magician, Fabjance, performs a magic trick with his co-star, The Mind-reading Goose!


A presentation of comedy mentalism that is, without exaggeration, extremely funny! This charming mind-reading act is one of the most requested performances.

Chicago area magician entertains audience with a magic drawing pad!


Not only a wonderful conjurer, but also a pretty good artist, the Magician shows off some of his drawings. One drawing magically transforms and is then given as a keepsake to a spectator.

Chicago magician and mentalist performs magic for teen!


In this, the high-point of every magic program, the magician magically transforms into the hero freely selected from a scrapbook of Heroes and Villains.

The arm box illusion is performed during a Chicago magic show!


This is a unbelievable little illusion in which metal blades apparently pass through a volunteer’s arm.

A boy helps the magician perform a balloon animal magic trick on stage in a Chicago magic program!


Not quite. But this puppy can sit up, and roll over. And when he "plays dead", the audience almost rolls in the isles with laughter!

Chicago area woman helps comedy magician perform rope trick!


The famous rope trick is a favorite of magicians and audiences alike! In this HILARIOUS audience participation act, the performer calls up a volunteer on stage to witness, up close, a truly magical effect. An ordinary rope does unexpected and impossible things!

A Chicago man helps a local magician perform a card trick!


An audience member freely selects a playing card, shows the audience, and then returns it to the deck. The audience member then throws the cards into the air! As the cards fall, the performer thrusts a mousetrap into them. Yes, the chosen card is miraculously caught by the mousetrap!

Magician performs the floating girl illusion with a volunteer from the audience during Chicago area magic program!


This classic illusion is a real show-stopper! A lucky VOLUNTEER (child or adult) gets to LEVITATE! A magic moment worthy of capturing with a photograph!
*This illusion is available upon special request. Certain performance restrictions apply.

With additional ACTS of Comedy Magic

that vary with the age of the audience.

Fabjance the magician pulls coins from children's ears during a Chicago area magic performance!


A kids' show favorite! In this classical magic production, the magician magically fills a bucket with silver coins plucked from audience members!

Chicago area optical illusionist and magician performs the shrinking head illusion!


You won't believe your eyes! This is an incredible optical illusion that will have the whole audience questioning reality. In this entertaining spectacle, the magician's HEAD actually looks like it IS INFLATING LIKE A BALLOON!

Chicago area girl helps magician perform the arm chopper illusion!


A performance in which a brave volunteer from the audience comes up on stage and helps with a magical demonstration. After placing their arm into the chopper, a large solid blade is pushed down and the audience ACTUALLY SEES THE VOLUNTEER'S HAND FALL INTO THE BAG BELOW! Of course, no harm is done and the volunteer returns to their seat in one piece!

Magical FUN for everyone, Young & Old

Offering comedy Magic Shows for audiences of All ages.

Fabjance the magician performs magic show for Chicago audiences of all ages!


Fabjance specializes in providing fun & exciting magical entertainment for children of all ages (that even grown-ups enjoy)! He has special programs for school shows, birthday parties, and more!


An engaging magical performance guaranteed to amuse and amaze the entire family. Providing entertainment acts for family gatherings, public events, and more!


This entertaining magic act, packed full of mind-blowing mentalism and impressive magic, is designed to captivate teenage audiences. Fabjance performs his top-rated magic to teenage audiences at junior highs, high schools, private parties, and more!


These presentations, blending interactive magic, mind-reading and comedy, are geared to the college crowd. Fabjance's magic programs are a hit on campuses nationwide! His performances are a popular choice for orientation, weekend/late night events and more!


Fabjance offers high quality event entertainment programs with clean comedy, mind-blowing mentalism, and spellbinding magic. These shows are the perfect choice for events that include birthdays, anniversaries, corporate functions, and more!


These magical conjuring performances are filled with fun and laughter. Fabjance performs crowd-pleasing entertainment for senior groups and events, such as retirement parties, holiday celebrations and more!

Types of Magic Performances

Depending on the venue, setting and audience size, any and all live shows can include the set-up of a mini-theater including an attractive red velvet curtain backdrop and a P.A. system with microphone.

Magician performing a stand-up magic program during Chicago area event!

Stand-up Floor Magic Show

The magic show is performed with the magician standing on the same level as the audience who are seated on chairs or on the floor. This type of magic program can be performed anywhere from the intimacy of livingrooms in private homes to public event spaces such as Chicago Park District fieldhouses, community centers, party rooms, banquet halls, school gyms, cafeterias, etc.

Stage show magician performance for Chicago kids!

Stage or Platform Magic Act

The magic show is performed with the magician usually standing on a stage or platform raised above the audience. This type of magic presentation can be performed anywhere from Chicago area theaters, arenas and auditoriums, to school gymnasiums or cafeterias, banquet halls or ballrooms, park district facilities or community centers, etc.


The Art Institute of Chicago Brookfield Zoo Chicago Bulls Chicago Symphony Orchestra DDB East Bank Club Chicago Field Museum McKids Motorola University of Chicago WXRT Chicago

Fabjance's performance resume includes magic shows for such notable clients as the Art institute of Chicago, the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and more!

Providing top-rated performances for all kinds of special events in and around Chicago, he has performed thousands of shows for major corporations and small businesses, neighborhood associations and national organizations, local schools and international universities, and city festivals and county fairs.

Fabjance performs live magic regularly at venues in Chicago and the suburbs, and travels extensively throughout the area entertaining audiences large and small, from theater stage shows, to banquet after-dinner stand-up programs, to close-up cocktail hour performances, to something special just for kids.


Successful Magic Show Tips & Tricks

Magician performs sleight-of-hand magic with a cup and ball for a Chicago area audience!

For The Best Magic Shows In Chicago: Make It Intimate

Making sure that the audience is seated up close to the performer is the #1 tip for a successful magic show.

The first seat (or table) of the audience should be no more than 12 feet away from the "stage" or performing area. The closer the audience, the better the show.

The farther away any particular audience members are, the less engaged they will be in the performance. This is especially true in a banquet setting, where an empty dance floor between the performer and the audience is a recipe for failure.

Theater-style Seating Ensures Every Seat Is A Good Seat

For the greatest success of the show, it is important that all members of the audience have a clear view of the "stage" or performance area.

If the venue does not contain fixed theater-style seating, the first row of audience seating should be placed approximately six feet away from the "stage" or performance area.

If there is a dance floor in front of the performance area, please fill it with chairs.

Keep in mind that a magic show is angle sensitive. The best viewing experience will be directly from the front. Therefore, all chairs should be arranged in rows (never arcs or circles) that all face the "stage" or performance area.

Please avoid any guest tables or chairs directly to the side or behind the performance area.

It is also necessary to have a clear path from the "stage" or performance area to seats, and a clear center aisle running from the stage" or performance area through the audience seating to the back of the venue.

As the show involves much audience interaction, and takes place both on stage and in the audience, this ensures that all audience members have easy access to the "stage" or performance area for purposes of coming up to help out. And this ensures that the magician will have easy access to the audience.

Audio. Can You Hear Me Now?

A good sound system is a very important element any magic show.

For magic shows before an audience of more than 50, Fabjance can provide a microphone and sound system.

For a magic performance before an audience of less than 50 guests (in a quiet environment), a sound system is optional.

For all local Chicago magic shows, there is no additional charge for this sound system. For performances requiring air travel there will be an additional charge to cover the excess baggage fee.

For larger on-stage theater shows and similar performances before an audience of hundreds, most professional performance venues should have their own proper sound systems.

Lights, Camera, Action!

A magic performance of any size cannot be seen without proper lighting. As the show is highly interactive, and takes place both on stage and in the audience, both areas must be lit. For most performance situations, the existing room lighting is usually sufficient.

For larger on-stage theater shows and similar venues that have theatrical lighting, please give a basic full stage wash.

If this is a formal theater, a lighting technician will be required the night of the show to run the lights during the performance.

A spotlight is not necessary as long as the stage or performance area is lit.

In Chicago, All The World's A Stage.

Being able to be seen easily by the audience is very important.

A minimum riser, stage size, or performance area of 6 ft. deep by 12 ft. wide is satisfactory.

For audiences of 75 or less, staging is optional.

For audiences of 75 or more, a formal stage works best. In the event that one is not available, it is recommended (but not required) that there is a riser at least 12 feet deep and 20 feet wide (8 feet deep x 12 feet wide is acceptable). The riser should be at least two foot high (or approximately 1 ft. of height per 100 audience members up to a maximum of 4 ft. high).

Due to the highly interactive nature of the performance, stairs to access the stage are also necessary. There should be at least one set of stairs from the audience to the stage. The stairs should be located on the front side of the stage (the side nearest the audience).

The stage must be clear of obstructions such as lecterns, cables, speakers, band and DJ equipment.

IMPORTANT: If other performers will be using the performance space, please notify Fabjance prior to the day of the show.

Multi-media: An Attractive Addition To Any Chicago Magic Program

For large audiences, an image magnification projection is recommended, but, of course, is not necessary.

Chicago Magic Shows: Misdirection VS Distraction

Guests cannot really enjoy a show while they are eating. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that all wait services be halted during the performance.

If there is a dinner accompanying the magic show, the best time for the entertainment will be after dinner and before dessert. The tables should be cleared prior to the performance. If coffee is to be served, it should be out on the tables before the beginning of the show.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, a magician who needs no introduction?

A proper introduction can set the tone for a great show. The person who gives the introduction also has the important job of quieting the audience and getting their attention.

We bring the Chicago Magic Show to You!

Chicago magic show service area includes Cook County, Lake County, McHenry County, Kane County, DuPage County, Will County and Kendall County!
Forget about driving downtown, now you can watch one of best live magic shows in Chicago from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else you may choose to host your next event.

Fabjance makes live magic happen anywhere throughout the city of Chicago and suburbs. Whether it's in your livingroom, or a private dining room at a neighborhood restaurant, a local stage or school auditorium, a party room, a banquet hall, or a backyard barbecue, Fabjance can transform your next event into a magical extravaganza!

Wherever you are, from the heart of downtown Chicago to the far reaching suburbs, towns, and hamlets, Fabjance will bring the live magic to your next event!